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Welcome and thank you for choosing to enrol with SelfDesign!


Enrolment update: SupportEd and grades 10-12 are currently full.

  • Are you interested in enrolling for the 2020/21 learning year? Click here to be notified when enrolment opens!
  • Enrolment for grades 10-12 for the 2019/20 learning year is now closed.
  • We have a waitlist for SupportEd (special education) services for grades K-12. We are currently inviting learners from the SupportEd waitlist for grades K-9 for the 2019/20 learning year. You are welcome to join our SupportEd waitlist.

If and when spaces become available, we will invite learners off the waitlists.

  • Enrolment for grades K-9 and registration in HomeLearners’ Network are open for the 2019/20 learning year. If you have questions about enrolment, please contact enrolment@selfdesign.org.

SelfDesign offerings:

SelfDesign Learning Community (SDLC) is a distributed learning program funded completely by the BC Ministry of Education. This program enables enrolled learners to complete grades K-12 by exploring their interests and taking the lead in their own learning and life. With personalized guidance and ongoing support from BC-certified educators, learning unfolds at home and within local and online communities.

HomeLearners’ Network (HLN) registers homeschooled learners between the ages of five and 19. Please note that while HomeLearners’ Network is part of SelfDesign Learning Foundation, it is different than the SelfDesign Learning Community K-12 distributed learning educational program. The Ministry of Education explains the differences between homeschooling and distributed learning here.



This includes learners who:

  • would like to re-enrol for the 2019/20 learning year
  • are currently enrolled in the SelfDesign Learning Community in 2018/19 and working with an educator
  • are returning and received SupportEd (special education) services previously
  • are siblings of learners who are currently enrolled or registered in 2018/19*



This includes learners who:

  • are currently registered as homeschoolers in the HomeLearners’ Network
  • are siblings of learners who are currently enrolled or registered in 2018/19*



For learners who:

  • would like to enrol for the 2019/20 learning year
  • are not currently enrolled or registered with SelfDesign in 2018/19
  • will not access special education support.


  • would like to register as a homeschooler for 2019/20**



For learners who:

  • have had an Individual Education Plan (IEP) previously; or
  • would benefit from special education support

We are full or have limited availability for several of our SupportEd services; please apply below, if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

*Families applying for SupportED (special education) services
Please note that if you are applying for a learner who will be NEW to SelfDesign’s K-12 distributed learning program (including a sibling of a previously enrolled learner or learner previously registered in HomeLearners’ Network) and your learner has had an Individual Education Plan previously or you anticipate requiring SupportEd (special education) services for a learner, you must have a conversation with our SupportEd Intake Coordinator in order to be provided the information and form required to apply. If you will have learners in both the general program and in SupportEd, please contact SupportEd Intake first at supported@selfdesign.org or 1-877-353-3374 ext. 710.

**Families applying to register in HomeLearners’ Network
Please note that those who apply after September 30, 2019, will be required to pay a $50/learner processing fee. Those who register late are not eligible for the small budget allotted for learning resources.

Questions about the enrolment/registration process? Contact us at enrolment@selfdesign.org or call us toll-free at 1 (877) 353-3374.



We’re excited to welcome you as part of our learning community.